Purchase Insurance

Why it is useful to insure with us?

Easy to buy
Purchase insurance you can buy at our partner stores.
We will take care of your purchase
In the event of an insured event, your product will be repaired or replaced with the same or similar new item.
All over the world
Insurance coverage is valid worldwide.
Without depreciation
We don't apply any depreciation deductions for goods.

Why it is useful to insure with us?

More about Purchase Insurance

If you would like to get purchase insurance or extend warranty contact our partner WARRANTY EXPERT.

Where to buy?

Purchase insurance or extend warranty you can get at WARRANTY EXPERT partners' stores or fill out request online. Partners in Lithuania you can find here: WARRANTY EXPERT.

What should I do in case of damage?

Register damage at www.warranty.expert or by telephone 8 700 33300.

The consultant will refer you to the warranty service center (be sure you have the Purchase Insurance Certificate or insurance certificate and the purchase document (purchase receipt, check, invoice, etc.)

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