Property Insurance

What is covered by
Property Insurance?


  • House
  • Flat/ Appartment
  • Village house
  • Garden House
  • Farm building
  • Auxiliary building
  • Non - residential building
  • Yard buildings
  • Fence
  • Investments in building improvements

Indoor property

  • Items for home furnishing, household use and consumption
  • Bicycles, electric scooters
  • Items taken with you, outside the insurance area
  • Guest items
  • Assets entrusted by employer
  • Property left in the trunk of the car
  • Documents
  • Mobile phones, tablets, laptops, smart bracelets, watches and other smart devices

Civil liability of the asset manager

The insurance covers events that have occurred due to your actions or the exploitation of the property under your control, such as a fire in your home or flooding of neighbors, etc. In this case, the victims will be compensated for the losses you have caused.

Your part of the liability for losses caused by the objects of common partial ownership is also insured (for example, a broken common pipe surrounded adjacent apartments), but this protection is limited to one event during the term of the insurance cover.

The civil liability of the property manager may be insured with property insurance under the Residential Property Insurance Rules or separately under the Personal Liability Insurance Rules.

Personal civil liability

In the case of personal liability insurance, you are indemnified for damage to the property, health or life of the victims caused by your normal, daily or physical actions, such as playing in the yard, breaking a neighbor's window or riding a bicycle, injuring another person.

The insurance also covers real estate rented for recreational purposes, movable property rented from a legal entity, indemnities related to the actions of your pets, amateur sports, participation in a game, competition or championship and driving a non-motorized land vehicle, other normal daily activities. which are not on the list of non-insured events.

Insurance coverage is valid in the countries of the European Union.

Personal liability may be insured with property insurance under the Property Insurance Rules or separately under the Personal Insurance Rules.

Additional protections in case of property insurance:

Buildings and outbuildings
Fixed equipment or installations installed on the building, solar collectors for commercial purposes, engineering networks, blinds, awnings, terraces, loggias and balconies that are connected to the insured building.
Courtyard buildings, non-residential buildings or premises up to 20 sq. M. m. total area and the construction of which does not require projects and permits and elements of environmental equipment, such as gazebo, shed or awning, outdoor lighting, outdoor pool, children's play equipment, aviary, etc.
Fence surrounding the plot of the insured building, fence gates and gate opening mechanisms.
Investments have been made to improve the condition of the buildings, for example, windows replacements.
Additional costs after the accident
Increased utility costs, disposal costs and rental costs due to inability to use insured property.
Liquid penetration
Liquid penetration from the outside through the external structures of a building due to rain, melting snow or an accident in engineering systems.
Solar power plant
The solar power plant used for the own purposes and located at the insured location and its devices (solar power plant) with a power of no more than 15 kW are insured against the risks of fire, natural forces, water (liquid), vandalism, and vehicle collisions. We will compensate the solar power plant for losses up to EUR 15,000 during the insurance coverage period.
Heating systems
Heating system equipment breakdowns.

Additional protections in case of property insurance:

We will indemnify for losses when home property has been stolen from an area completely fenced, which is used outdoors for its intended purpose and can be stored outdoors (landscaping equipment, outdoor equipment, lawn robots, outdoor barbecues and furniture), or building exterior elements.
Bicycles, scooters, trolleys
Bicycle, scooter, roller, trolley, wheelchair are insured against burglary and robbery.
Property outside the place are insurated too
Property taken outside the insurance area or property left in the trunk of a car is insured against burglary, robbery, fire and natural forces.
Asset of other persons
When choosing property insurance, guests' belongings or property transferred for use by the employer are insured.
Equipment breakdowns
Equipment (household appliances, video, audio equipment, garden, garden equipment) is insured against internal breakdowns.
Building materials and products
We will indemnify for damage, destruction and loss of unused building materials (eg bricks, pipes, paint, parquet, wires), unassembled equipment (eg plumbing, air conditioning, heating system equipment) due to fire, natural forces, theft, water (liquid).
Plants and animals
We insure plants inside the building and located in the plot area against the risk of fire. We will also compensate for the death of pets due to fire.
Property exploatation life
For the purpose of calculating losses, the useful life of an asset is calculated from the time the new equipment is acquired. If it is not possible to determine the date, for example in the absence of acquisition documents, the date of issue of the relevant model is taken into account.

Home Assistance

The Home Assistance service applies to every insured and permanent dwelling.
Lietuvoje Užsienyje
Transportation of insured property
Relocation of insured property to a temporary residence after the event when the insured dwelling is not available.
Search for temporary residence and / or accommodation after the event when the insured accommodation is not available to use.
Repair of electrical internal networks
Replacement of fuses, electrical sockets, switches. Electrical wiring repair and connected to the electricity meter.
Sealing of cavities
Temporary filling of damaged structures with particleboard, film, or other materials.
Exterior door lock repair

Door lock repair, replacement, emergency opening.
Physical security services.

Exterior glass breakage

Temporary window covering, glass and/or glass package replacement works, chip cleaning.
Physical security services.

Repair of sewerage internal networks

Cleaning up a clogged sewer system and eliminating an accident.

Arrangement and cleaning of the insurance place.

Conditioning system repair
Conditioning system failure elimination, repair.
A tree fall, for example, on a biulding or car

Woodcutting, removal from the building.

Arrangement of the insurance place (removal of wood debris).

Temporary filling of damaged structures (roofing damage, broken windows) with chipboard, film, or other materials.

Repair of fire and property security alarms
Repair of fire and property security alarm systems.
Backyard gate repair
We will indemnify for the loss of the yard gate system failure, repair.
Heating system repair

Heating system accident elimination, repair, initial heating boiler repair work.
Delivery collection of alternative heating sources until the heating source is repaired/replaced.

Repair of internal water supply networks
Arrangement and cleaning of the insurance place.
Washing machine, dryer, dishwasher hook up

Hook up to sewerage and water supply networks.

After hook up of washing machine, dryer, dishwasher, transportation of used household appliances.

Inspection of the electrical panel of the insuranced building
Preventive inspection of the installation and operation of the electrical panel to ensure the safe operation of the premises.

Service "Home Assistance" Terms
  • Home assistance is available 24 hours a day
  • The insured event in the case of "Home Assistance" insurance is considered to be reasonable and economically justified expenses in order to prevent and / or reduce loss
  • An unconditional deduction  is not applied for Home Assistance service
  • The total amount of "Home Assistance" may not exceed 500 EUR for services provided and 50 EUR for materials during one year (or the insurance period, whichever is shorter). The number of events is not limited
  • The service "Home Assistance" is provided in the territory of the Republic of Lithuania, at the address indicated in the insurance policy, which indicates the place of insurance

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