Procedure for payment of insurance benefits

What documents do I need to submit to receive an insurance benefit?

The insurance benefit is paid after:

  • all necessary documents confirming the fact of the insured event and / or liability of the policyholder / insured have been received
  • the policyholder or the injured person (beneficiary) has submitted an application for payment of the insurance benefit
  • submitted and / or available documents confirming the fact and amount of damage
  • the person's consent to the processing of his or her special personal data (in the event of personal injury)
  • Accident declaration or police certificate received (in case of an accident)
  • documents received from the competent state authorities (fire services, police, health care institutions, emergency services and other institutions) confirming the fact of the incident and its circumstances
  • documents confirming that repair work has been performed and paid for or a request to pay directly for the performance of such work with the supplier of services / goods has been received, if the vehicle or other property has been repaired after the insured event
  • submitted documents confirming the acquisition of the property, if it was newly acquired after the insured event
  • invoices and other documents confirming the provision of medical treatment, purchase of medicines and purchase and payment of other services and goods related to personal health and other documents related to personal injury (conclusions of medical experts, certificates of incapacity for work, etc.)
  • other documents confirming the amount of damage were received (eg documents substantiating loss of income, etc.)

How long does the insurance take to pay out?

The insurance benefit is paid through:

  • the terms specified in the rules of the relevant type of insurance, but not longer than within 30 calendar days, counting from the day when all the information necessary and significant for determining the fact, circumstances and amount of loss of the insured event is received. If the insurance benefit is paid periodically under the insurance contract, this period applies to the payment of the first installment of the benefit
  • if you have suffered damage during a traffic accident, the insurance indemnity to the person injured in the traffic accident shall be paid within the terms established in the Law on Compulsory Motor Third Party Liability Insurance.

Where do we pay out?

  • the insurance benefit is transferred to the current bank account specified by the person entitled to receive it, or upon request - directly to the account of the supplier of services / goods
  • if the event is recognized as insured, but the policyholder or the injured person (beneficiary) does not agree with the insurer on the amount of the insurance indemnity, the insurer must pay an amount equal to the indisputable indemnity of the parties if the exact amount of damage requires more than 3 months
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