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Why it is useful to insure with us?

Extentsive insurance coverage
Insurance coverage is valid worldwide 24 hours per day.
Protected leisure
The insurance cover is valid during individual sports activities when sports are performed in a sports club (except for preparations for competitions and participation in marathons) when activities are a form of leisure time when activities are performed for health purposes when activities are part of the educational program.
Riding a motorcycle
The insurance cover is valid when riding a motorcycle with a power not exceeding 74 kW (100 hp).
Protection against infectious diseases
The insurance cover is valid in nature - the benefit is paid in case of tick-borne encephalitis, Lyme disease, rabies, tetanus, animal bites, snakes, or insect bites.
The insurance cover is valid in case of food poisoning.
Plastic surgery
When insuring injuries to internal organs and soft tissues, we reimburse the costs of plastic surgeries without any additional contribution, if they are intended to eliminate the consequences of the accident. Insurance benefit is possible up to 10% of the selected insurance amount.
Serious injuries
In case of serious injuries (such as partial or full arm, finger amputation, joint immobility), we increase the additionally calculated insurance benefit by 10% when the right handed person injures the right hand or the left handed person injures the left hand.
The insurance benefit is paid even if you were driving without wearing a seat belt at the time of the accident.
Minor injuries and their recurrence
The insurance benefit is paid for partial and repeated ligament sprains, for repeated fractures, for repeated dislocations of the shoulder joint that occurred during the validity of the same insurance contract.

Why it is useful to insure with us?

You can choose additional insurance services

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Critical diseases
The insurance benefit is paid upon the first diagnosis of these diseases:
  • heart attack
  • stroke
  • multiple sclerosis
  • cases of cancer
And / or other diseases provided in Annex No.3 , the full sum insured specified in the insurance contract is paid.
Other diseases and operations

The insurance benefit is paid:

  • in case of dangerous infectious diseases - legionellosis, trichinosis, Ebola virus, meningococcal infection
  • for operations - ruptured stomach or duodenal ulcer, acute appendicitis, diphtheria, post-traumatic osteomyelitis

Medical expenses
In case of injury, we will reimburse additional costs if necessary:
  • medicines registered by the State Medicines Control Agency
  • medical aids and orthopedic appliances: bandages, splints, sticks, crutches
  • rental or purchase of trolleys and their delivery
  • diagnostic research
  • wound dressings and bandages, injections, infusions
Aid insurance
If you choose the Aid insurance risk, these costs are additionally reimbursed:

In case of injury::

  • emergency transport costs (taxi services)
  • babysitting services for children

In case of disability / incapacity for work:

  • adaptation of the place of residence for the insured person with a disability

In case of death:

  • funeral / cremation or body transport costs
  • psychologist consultations for children, parents, spouse
Sick pay
In the event of an injury, sick pay is paid for each day spent in hospital (up to 180 days for the entire period).
The duration of inpatient treatment must be at least 3 days.
Temporary incapacity for work (daily allowance)
In the event of an injury, sick pay is paid for each day of incapacity for work (up to 60 days for the entire period).
The certificate of incapacity for work must be issued for a period longer than 6 days.
Job loss
If you are no longer able to work before the injury due to injuries and the employment contract is terminated at the initiative of the employer, the lump sum insurance amount specified in the insurance contract shall be paid.
Personal civil liability
Civil liability for damage caused by daily activities not related to the performance of work functions, as well as by raising pets, engaging in active leisure activities and sports activities is insured.

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