Corporate Property Insurance

Why it is useful to insure with us?

Insurance that meets needs
We will offer an insurance option that meets your needs: both for all sudden and unexpected events (insurance for all risks) and for individual selected risks - fire, theft and vandalism, plumbing accident, natural forces or traffic collision.
Flexible insurance
With property insurance we can insure everything material, except land, plants, crops, forests, vehicles, planes, trains.
Accurate and fast loss compensation
In the event of an insured event, we will calculate accurately and quickly indemnify the loss.
Additional costs after event
We indemnify for expenses that you may incur after the insured event - handling and cleaning the territory, transportation and temporary storage of undamaged property and other agreed property rescue cases.
Fluctuation of stocks
When the exact amount of stocks is not known, the balance of stocks fluctuates greatly during the year or depends on seasonality, we offer to insure stocks according to the fact, ie an advance insurance premium is paid at the time of concluding the contract, and the sum insured is adjusted at the end of the year.
Property outside the place of insuranced place
We offer insurance for mobile equipment intended for work outside the place of insurance, such as equipment used during business trips.

Why it is useful to insure with us?

You can choose additional insurance services

If you are interested in additional services, consult our experts and we will help you choose the right one

Business interruption insurance

In the event of an insured event, such as a fire, the company often incurs losses not only due to damaged or destroyed assets, but also due to the interrupted or suspended business - inability to provide its services, declining market share, fixed costs (such as salaries, interest, etc.). .). Losses due to a lost business are offset by working capital, which eventually runs out. The company stops working.

Even if the company has insured its assets, financial losses due to business interruption are covered only if they are covered by business interruption insurance.

The biggest advantage of business interruption insurance is the stability of the insured company's financial flows. This allows the company to significantly mitigate the consequences of losses due to the interruption of production and / or services.

Electric current insurance

Recently, buildings and equipment are becoming more and more intelligent, so voltage fluctuations are becoming an increasingly important risk.

Voltage fluctuations usually affect more sensitive devices that are connected to the network or devices that support the functionality of the building - video surveillance cameras, fire protection systems, ventilation equipment.

Mobile equipment insurance

The mobile insurance service provides insurance coverage for mobile devices such as various laptops, tablets, mobile phones and other portable electronic equipment.

This category of assets is distinguished because it often requires a wider area of ​​validity (Republic of Lithuania, Europe or the whole world).

Insurance of internal equipment failures

Insurance of internal failures of equipment is partly an extension of the warranty period, during which the insurance company indemnifies:

  • repair costs (excluding the replacement of fast-wearing parts such as knives, cables, gears)
  • damage due to foreign matter entering the installation (for example, the worker left the pliers and started the machine)
  • damage due to improper handling of the device

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