COMPENSA E‑XPERT video inspection with our expert to assess property and car damage

video inspection

A new and modern way to assess the damage to a home and the property in it or car damage. During the video call, our expert will record and assess the damage to your home or car, answer any questions related to its administration and submit an offer for insurance benefits.

Damage assessment in 15 minutes!

After recording an event, the time for video viewing is adjusted, which averages up to 15 minutes. The expert can enter the data directly into the system during the inspection, and the insurance benefit can be calculated after or immediately after the inspection.
Proper assessment of the damage is important for a correct and accurate assessment of the damage suffered, which is ensured by the expert participating in the inspection. During a video call, he inspects all the damage, captures it in photos, finds out the important details, and submits an offer for insurance coverage.
The involvement of an expert in the process avoids the need for the client to record the damage independently and, if necessary, to provide corrections or repeat failed photos. This makes the damage administration process much faster and more convenient for the customer.
This state-of-the-art solution also helps our clients save time by combining an expert visit for damage assessment and avoiding contact. This is especially useful in a pandemic setting, where avoiding contact can lead to longer inspection times.

Why it is useful to insure with us?

Register an accident
Once the customer has registered the event on the self-service website, by phone or on the website, the time for video inspection using the COMPENSA E-XPERT solution is agreed.
Get a Link
The expert administering the damage sends an SMS message to the customer with a link to the COMPENSA E-XPERT website, which provides the video connection required for contactless inspection.
Use a smartphone
You do not need to download any additional apps to your mobile phone for remote inspection. All you need is that your smartphone is running Android or iOS.
Join the video inspection
By providing the site with temporary access to the smartphone’s microphone and video camera, the expert can remotely photograph the damaged property or car and answer questions related to the administration of the damage.
Don’t worry about photo quality
Captured photos are automatically tagged with the date and coordinates. Their quality is resistant to changes in the strength of the Internet connection on the customer's mobile device, which means that the damage will be recorded with maximum accuracy.
Save Time
The inspection lasts an average of 15 minutes, during which the specialist immediately enters the data into the system. The insurance benefit can be calculated during or immediately after the inspection, depending on the circumstances of the event.

How does it work?

What to do to register damages?

Register on the self-service website
You can access the self-service website at, and connect to it in a convenient way for you: using m. signature, e-mail banking or by entering your username and password.
Register by phone
Call the short number 19111, calling from abroad - +370 5 249 1911.
Register by filling out the form online

You can access the form at, select the section "Property Damage  Claim" or "Vehicle Damage Claim, click "Register" and enter the required information.

What to do if your property or car has been damaged?

Lietuvoje Užsienyje
What to do if your property has been damaged?

If your property has been damaged during the incident, report it as soon as possible to the appropriate service: the police or fire brigade on the general emergency number 112, the emergency service, the person administering the house, the chairman of the community or any other organization you need. While you wait for help, take action on possible green prices as appropriate.

Notify us of the event within three working days by calling the short number 19111 (while abroad, call +370 5 249 1911) or register green online.

Once the event is registered, our experts will contact you and coordinate the viewing of convenient time videos. Please note that damage compensation is required, it is important to preserve the damaged property before meeting with an expert.

vWhat to do in case of an accident?
What if the incident happened while driving?
  • Take measures as soon as possible to reduce the possible damage and, if necessary, provide first aid to the victim
  • Report the incident to the general emergency number 112 or the appropriate service
  • If necessary, use the roadside assistance service (call 1810 or 19111)
  • Inform us about the event within 3 working days by calling the short number 19111 (while abroad, call +370 5 249 1911) or register the damage online
  • We remind you that you can report an incident even if it is not known which road user is responsible for it.
    - in case of traffic accident or theft, call the police (for BITĖ and TELE2 customers - 022, TELIA - 02)
    - in case of fire, notify the fire safety service (BITĖ and TELE2 customers - 011, TELIA - 01)
    - if there are injured persons, call an ambulance (for BITĖ and TELE2 customers - 033, TELIA - 03)

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