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Why it is useful to insure with us?

Insurance of the main risks at an attractive price
We insure against the main risk - an accident when there is a collision with another vehicle, person or animal, the client is the culprit of the traffic accident and the loss incurred is compensated only to a third party according to the valid mandatory car insurance.

The protection also covers the extremely painful case of car theft.
Possibility to insure older cars
We have expanded the options of voluntary vehicle insurance to insure older, 5–25 years old, cars.
Attractive insurance price for those with little driving experience
For a calmer start on the road, we offer the opportunity to insure property of the drivers with less driving experience.
The possibility of insurance for those who have had traffic accidents
We also provide an opportunity to insure cars that have been involved in traffic accidents.

Why choose us?


All CASCO insurance offers

According to the type of vehicle you have, and the needs of risks covered, you can choose other CASCO insurance options offered by us. When choosing the insurance option that best suits your needs, you can consult with our experts.

Lietuvoje Užsienyje
CASCO all risk insurance

With CASCO insurance we cover the losses due to all sudden and unexpected events, except for non-insured events provided in the rules. When insuring a car with CASCO insurance, you can choose additional insurance services - accident insurance, voluntary civil liability insurance, car accessories insurance. Get to know more about CASCO insurance here.

CASCO electric car insurance

CASCO electric car insurance covers all sudden and unexpected events occurring during the period of validity of the insurance coverage, except for non-insurable events provided for in the insurance rules.

When developing an insurance service for electric cars, it was estimated that these vehicles wear out more slowly than cars with internal combustion engines, and a separate wear rating scale was created for them. The insurance package for electric cars is designed in such a way that the cases specific to them are evaluated. Get to know more about CASCO electric car insurance here.

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