Cargo Insurance

For who is Cargo Insurance?

Cargo is insured against damage, destruction and theft during transportation, worldwide. Cargo insurance is valid for the legal owner of the cargo (buyer or seller) or another person with an interest, such as a bank or leasing company

Why it is useful to insure with us?

We can insure both individual transported cargo, as well as conclude an annual insurance contract and insure annual transported cargo flows.
Insurance protection
The insurance cover is valid for cargo transportation by land, sea, air.
Free Assistance
In case of an event, we provide assistance in the territory of Lithuania or abroad due to possible reduction of damage or resolution of cargo.
All over the world
The insurance cover is valid for the transportation of goods all over the world.

Why it is useful to insure with us?

You can choose additional insurance services

If you are interested in additional services, consult our experts and we will help you choose the right one

In addition, we can insure:
  • financial interests related to the cargo, such as customs or excise duties, freight, etc.
  • losses due to late delivery of cargo
  • property through exhibitions, fairs, demonstrations
  • cargo in temporary storage
  • used, unpackaged or cargo with damaged packaging

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